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Welcome to Hands on Heritage with Robin Van Auken

Welcome to Hands on Heritage, a unique, woman-owned company that specializes in projects that connect communities and conserve cultural legacies. Working with heritage organizations, cultural resource management firms, as well as individuals, we provide project mitigation solutions with an emphasis on interpretation and education. We offer a range of professional public relation services, from communication strategies to convergent media solutions. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice as we shepherd your project to completion. No project is too small, nor too large, to discuss.

Welcome to Hands on Heritage

Who We Are

Hands on Heritage is operated by the professional team of Robin and Lance Van Auken. Combined, we have 60-plus years of experience as writers, editors, archaeologists, historians, museum specialists, graphic designers, web development and social media experts.


What We Do

We are project specialists working with a variety of clients to complete unique projects within budget and on time. Clients include CRM firms needing mitigation assistance, to museums needing exhibits and interpretive panels, to communities celebrating centennial milestones.


How We Do It

Hands on Heritage accepts projects based upon merit and interest. We work with for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, as well as communities and educational facilities. From developing museums and parks to editing pamphlets and memoirs, projects can be large or small.